Avoid These 3 Renovation Mistakes

Home renovations can be expensive. Avoid making mistakes and prevent skyrocketing costs.

1. Falling for fashion architecture: homeowners who try to be too trendy with their renovations. Don’t treat architecture like fashion; architecture takes time to build, uses a lot of resources and needs to last. Trends can fade. Stay true to the character of the house and be careful when updating structure. Changing a countertop or tile is easy; remember that it’s harder to re-do windows and doors. Make the harder changes the highest quality that you can afford and it will be money well spent.

2. Ignoring proportions: homeowners just focus on the results but fail to consider the process. “Look ahead and plan if what you are adding is a right for the character of the house. Look at proportions, such as the size of windows, doors and ceiling height.

3. Rushing the renovation: Renovations take time so don’t rush it. Talk to professionals early and often; align your expectations to reality and understand the deadlines. Do your research and be well-prepared.

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